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Currency Online Group is an expert in the foreign exchange industry 20

Currency Online Group is an expert in the foreign exchange industry. Our team of Forex specialists strive to ensure that client’s best interests are at the heart of everything we do. At Currency Online Group we assist every single one of our valued clients with all of their international requirements. Having partnered with some of the most reputable brands in the foreign exchange industry we are well positioned to provide excellent foreign exchange services for any customer that require services such as:

International money transfers, Prepaid currency cards, deliverable foreign exchange payments, foreign exchange payments, foreign exchange transfers, international bank transfers, foreign exchange collection at the branch, foreign exchange delivery to the office, currency transfers with no fees.

January has proven to be a solid month so far for the Pound as Theresa May stands fairly firm on a hard brexit. The pound has made some improvements as it retraces against the euro and US Dollar.

Currency Online Group can offer expert foreign exchange analysis on any currency pairing including:


As reported in the news recently China is really starting to work hard to support its currency. It has now sold US government bonds for six months straight. They want to mitigate the downside pressure on the local currency RMB. There are huge concerns that unless the RMB is stable there will be a self-perpetuating acceleration of outflows.

Currency Online Group can provide you with excellent foreign exchange rates. We specialise in foreign exchange transfers for Chinese holidaymakers in the UK and also Chinese expats that are now living in the UK. We regularly feature at the top of comparison websites such as compareholidaymoney.com and are continuously working towards providing the best possible service for all foreign currency needs.

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With Christmas fast approaching Currency Online Group have been busier than ever as holiday goers buy their Euros in order to visit Father Christmas over in Lapland. We always recommend buying currency in the UK before travelling abroad; especially if you are travelling to Finland as in Lapland you will have no access to banks/ exchange offices.

December is the season to spend but what is it that’s making UK consumers keep their wallets in their pocket. Expectations for the year to come are much lower and general confidence in the UK economy is faltering due to uncertainty about Brexit and the UK’s relationship with the Eurozone. It is likely that inflation will increase faster than wages especially in larger corporate businesses. On a positive note, Britain built more cars in 2016 than they have since 1999.

If you would like bank transfers, international exchange, cross-border currency transactions or home cash delivery, please feel free to get in touch with the forex experts at currency online group for a more competitive deal and price, on all your foreign exchange transfers. We work with the market leading deliverable foreign exchange companies who offer the most competitive foreign currency prices and impeccable customer service; whether you need a spot deal or forward contract we can help you access better rates.

The team at Currency Online would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas. We thank you for your customer this year and look forward to working with you in 2017. 

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