What is a Sole Traders Account and how do they work?

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International payment account for Sole Traders

As a self employed individual/sole trader and running your own business, you may have dealings overseas, resulting in the need to send money abroad. Making sure you maximise profits will be key so getting the most competitive exchange rates on your international payments will contribute to this.

At present if you work or take on work for international suppliers, you may be subjected to bad interest rates and costly transactions fees if you use your bank’s or other facility to make such payment. This can be whether you are sending money to pay suppliers overseas or receiving payment from international contractors.

To assist in ensuring you are making your money go further and protecting your bottom-line profit, opening a Currency Online Group account for sole traders means you will immediately start benefiting from great rates and no transaction fees.

How to make an international payment

1.   You can either sign up online or contact our international payments team on 0208 050 1546 where one of our friendly staff will be on hand to assist you through the process.

2.   Provide the details of who needs to be paid, the amount that needs to be sent, and the currency in which the international payment needs to be made in.

3.   Currency Online Group will ensure your international payment is executed on time, taking the stress out of your hands and leaving you to smile when you see how much you have saved. 

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Manage your sole trader international payments via your Currency Online Group online account

With Currency Online Group’s online platform for international payments, it allows you to access, monitor and make transactions 24 hours a day. This means no more relying on office hours to process your required payments. 

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Speak to our team to see how they can help you. 0208 050 1546 Or open an account today

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