About us


We at Currency Online Group aim to take the FX online delivery service by storm and provide customers with a service that outperforms all of our rivals. 

Our business model is simple but very effective; we offer unbeatable rates, transparency and great customer service, which is being backed up by our rapidly growing 5-star reviews from our customers.

We are a young, dynamic, forward-thinking team of entrepreneurs and are determined to make COG the best FX company in the UK.


Currency Online Group (COG) was founded in 2016 by its CEO Paul Brewer. By the time Paul started COG, he had already gained seven years’ worth of experience in the FX sector, helping to develop his previous firm into one of the leading FX providers in the UK at the time.

He has a vast knowledge of the industry, but his key skills lie in business and product development. He used this expertise to create COG and has not looked back since.

Since its inception, COG has grown rapidly, due to its commitment and dedication in providing the best currency service in the UK. We rely heavily on the trust and loyalty of our customers, so from the outset we made sure everything was of the highest possible standard. We strive to provide a smooth experience from the moment someone visits our website, to the moment they receive their currency.

In the recent past COG has expanded by opening collection points throughout London, as well as focusing on International Payments too. With the same level of commitment and dedication to our customers across all platforms, COG plans to be the number one place to come for all FX requirements.



CEO and founder Paul Brewer has a wealth of knowledge in the FX industry, business development and product management. He founded the company after 7 years of helping to grow a London based MSB chain into one of the leading FX providers in London and the UK.

After acquiring the skills and knowledge that were necessary to start his own company, he decided it was time to move on.

His clear vision for COG was to take everything online. This has allowed COG to grow rapidly since its birth and enables it stick to the underlying philosophy of reducing costs and passing those savings onto the customer.


Kaya is co-owner and director at COG. On a day-to-day basis Kaya operates as COG’s Director of International Payments and in doing so has developed that side of the business immensely. His expertise in product development has been a key attribute in enhancing not only our reputation as we established our International Payments service; but also ensures our customers get the best product available.


Natasha holds the position of Business Development Executive at COG. With a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry, Natasha brings valued knowledge and experience in the art of negotiation; FX hedging; business planning; sales; and FX options.


Greg joined the COG team early in its development and has helped enhance and maintain its progression ever since. As Director of Operations, Greg oversees much of the day-to-day goings on at COG to ensure the company, staff and customers are all in tune.


As COG’s Head of Operations, Mark brings with him a plethora of experience in the customer service sector. Whilst overseeing a team of staff, his ability to identify customers’ needs and then incorporate them into our business model, ensures a continually smooth customer experience.


Lee brings with him over 10 years’ experience working in the FX industry to the COG team. He works closely with Kaya in managing the International Payments and has a keen eye for business development - especially in the FX industry - which has been key in growing the COG brand up to now.


As the newest member of the team Ali has taken on board swiftly all of COG’s key values and in doing so has added an extra element to COG. His ability to learn quickly and develop his own ideas on top of this, has seen him work across the board in all sectors of the business.