Managing risk in Foreign Exchange and how to safely trade currency

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Protect your profits and limit your currency exposure.

If your company requires exposure to the foreign exchange markets, it is imperative that you limit your risk and in turn protect your company and safeguard profits.

Businesses that trade internationally recognise that foreign exchange market present daily risk arising from market movements.

Factors affecting the currency markets include politics, inflation and economics, to name a few. These will cause fluctuations in the major currencies, presenting both currency risk and opportunities for your business. The key is limiting risk and maximising opportunity. By following the steps below Currency Online Group aims to achieve this very sentiment for their clients.

Currency Online Group’s strategy for mitigating currency risk and optimising currency exposure in favour of your business

Step 1

Your dedicated account manager will firstly discuss your company’s needs and how it is currently exposed to the foreign exchange markets.

Step 2

Between client and account manager a strategy will be formulated, setting goals and a budget for exchange rates that the client is looking to achieve.

Step 3

Your Currency Online Group advisor will provide assistance and direct you to the right strategy to achieve your business objectives with currency exchange.

Step 4

Once the strategy is agreed, your account manager will begin to implement it, giving you regular updates and making any adjustments where necessary to benefit the client further. 

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