The perfect currency exchange solution for Amazon marketplace sellers

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Make sales in the Amazon European and US marketplaces and convert to GBP

Want to grow your Amazon profits by simply changing the way you manage your foreign exchange services?

If you sell goods on international Amazon marketplaces, using Amazon’s currency convertor tool could be resulting in costly fees.

There is an alternative way to convert currency by using a Currency Online Group international payment account.

Opening an account will allow you to receive your funds in Euros (EUR) and Dollars (USD), then give you the facility to convert to Pounds (GBP) with the best market exchange rates and no fees.

Save money as an amazon seller in 3 simple steps

1. Open an account

Quick online sign up or speak to one of our advisors.

2. Receive payments

Sell on Amazon’s international marketplaces and receive funds into your account in Euros (EUR) and Dollars (USD) 

3. Convert funds back to yourself

Using our 24/7 online platform convert the money back to GBP to an account of your choice with the best exchange rates and no transfer fees

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Transform the way you make payments to and from your Amazon Seller Account

Using the Amazon currency convertor can prove costly, resulting in your bottom-line profits being less than anticipated.

With many Amazon marketplaces available to sell your items on (including,, and it is imperative you are using a more cost-effective tool for your currency conversion.

At Currency Online Group an international payment account offers Amazon market sellers the opportunity to send and receive funds in over 50 currencies, making it a far more cost-effective way for your overseas transactions.

With access to your account via our online platform, you can be in complete control of your dealings while benefiting from bank beating exchange rates and no fees on making transactions.

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