Due to Covid-19, we are currently only offering our Home Delivery currency service and our International Payment Service. To ensure the protection of colleagues and customers, all our branch locations are temporarily closed. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please take care and stay healthy.

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International Bank Transfers 21

International Bank Transfers

With years of experience dealing with international B2B trade, Currency Online Group are perfectly placed to assist clients in completely managing their international exposure. We have experiences with all major foreign exchange brokerages and can comfortably say that UK FOREX are market leaders in what they do. With absolutely no wire fees and a dedicated specialist allocated to every client, we can undoubtedly say that we have the utmost confidence in this company and their procedures.

UK FOREX can help you send money to a wide range of countries.

To ensure our clients get the most benefit from UK FOREX services, it is advisable to speak to the COG team first of all. We have priority pricing with all of our partners and will advise you on how to achieve better exchange rates.

COG can give access to a world class online platform used by multinational companies around the world. Enquire within to find out more.

Speak to Currency Online Group when:

Ø  Emigrating or moving overseas

Ø  Investing overseas

Ø  Making an overseas purchase

Ø  Travelling abroad

Ø  Going on Holiday

Ø  Returning to UK

Ø  Buying or Selling property abroad

Ø  Sending money to family and friends

Ø  Making regular payments abroad

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Range of facilities – One stop shop 21

When it comes to travelling abroad, I’m sure you would agree it could be made simpler. Currency Online Group, partnered with Travel Online Group is designed specifically to meet individual client needs when travelling abroad and buying and selling foreign currency. Currency Online Group have built up two decades worth of industry respect which has enabled us to be the very first Foreign Exchange company to offer the very best the industry itself has to offer. We have chosen partners that not only provide the very best exchange rates and service, but companies that share our ethos of transparency and a commitment to continuously improve customer experiences. You will notice on our website we offer:

·         Currency Buy back – Currency online Group as a leading market provider of foreign exchange services have partnered with (.....) this means we are able to.... (ideas)


·         Pre Paid Cards – although there were numerous options, Currency Online Group chose (....) as when using their services customers are charged a minimal transaction fee if compared with other providers, the financial technology used was also a huge factor in our decision as COG see Fintech has a huge future in the Foreign Exchange Market and COG strive to be at the forefront.


·         Home Delivery – Offering this service as opposed to having a shop front was one of the biggest decisions for COG, the decisions was based on customer service and real life experiences of the COG team. With online ordering in retail surging COG felt that providing customers with a simple online experience and greatly investing in the Fintech side of our business, was by far the right choice. The investment has meant we are able to offer complete safety and security on every client’s funds. We have solid relationships with the Royal Mail and insure every penny of our clients money to ensure the delivery service is the fastest and most reliable in the industry.


To ensure our clients get the most benefit from Currency Online Group’s partner services, it is advisable to speak to the COG team in the first instance. We have agreed priority pricing with all of our partners and will advise you on how to achieve better exchange rates.

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