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Brexit vote: effects on currency 09

The Great British Pound has suffered over recent months due to the uncertainty surrounding the Brexit vote. Many analysts feel that leaving the Euro zone could have destabilising effects on the UK economy and lead the Pound into market lows versus a basket of currencies.

It is expected that a vote to remain in the EU would instigate a Bank of England interest rate rise and this would normally lead to Sterling strength. Whilst leaving could cause a drop in the rate to levels as low as parity. The effect is impossible to foresee, but we may well see a significant drop in the value of the Pound in the short term should we leave.

In the future can the UK economy stand alone again and progress as a single economy once more? Voters of the leave campaign believe the answer to be yes. They are quick to point out that the Eurozone suffers from economic and institutional problems, it is blighted by low growth and high and rising taxes and debts.

 Having the opportunity to make and act on our own decisions could have huge upside benefits and with many of the EU’s major institutions needing reform after a series of failings it would seem sensible to many to take full control over our economy so that the decision making does not need to allow for slower growing economies.

Whatever the result, the next few weeks is guaranteed to be full of foreign exchange market fluctuations and volatile currency rates. With Currency Online Group we can ensure that you, the client, benefit regardless. We have ties with the best foreign exchange companies for international bank transfers, whether that be for private individuals or corporate businesses. Currency Online Group will help you import and export and transfer funds overseas in the most cost effective and reliable way.

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Range of facilities – One stop shop 21

When it comes to travelling abroad, I’m sure you would agree it could be made simpler. Currency Online Group, partnered with Travel Online Group is designed specifically to meet individual client needs when travelling abroad and buying and selling foreign currency. Currency Online Group have built up two decades worth of industry respect which has enabled us to be the very first Foreign Exchange company to offer the very best the industry itself has to offer. We have chosen partners that not only provide the very best exchange rates and service, but companies that share our ethos of transparency and a commitment to continuously improve customer experiences. You will notice on our website we offer:

·         Currency Buy back – Currency online Group as a leading market provider of foreign exchange services have partnered with (.....) this means we are able to.... (ideas)


·         Pre Paid Cards – although there were numerous options, Currency Online Group chose (....) as when using their services customers are charged a minimal transaction fee if compared with other providers, the financial technology used was also a huge factor in our decision as COG see Fintech has a huge future in the Foreign Exchange Market and COG strive to be at the forefront.


·         Home Delivery – Offering this service as opposed to having a shop front was one of the biggest decisions for COG, the decisions was based on customer service and real life experiences of the COG team. With online ordering in retail surging COG felt that providing customers with a simple online experience and greatly investing in the Fintech side of our business, was by far the right choice. The investment has meant we are able to offer complete safety and security on every client’s funds. We have solid relationships with the Royal Mail and insure every penny of our clients money to ensure the delivery service is the fastest and most reliable in the industry.


To ensure our clients get the most benefit from Currency Online Group’s partner services, it is advisable to speak to the COG team in the first instance. We have agreed priority pricing with all of our partners and will advise you on how to achieve better exchange rates.

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