Paying for an overseas wedding


Paying for an overseas wedding

Are you considering a destination wedding? As with a wedding in the UK there is a lot to consider when it comes to coordinating your big day.

Weddings abroad are becoming ever popular as couples go in search of guaranteed warmer climates and picturesque settings, for their nuptials. The other big factor is due to the rise in costs of a UK wedding since the lifting of Covid restrictions. Manchester based agency ‘PR Fire’ reported in a press release that the average cost of a UK wedding stands at a sizeable £27,161, with other sources highlighting it at £30k plus. Not exactly small change to any couple.

So where do you start with planning a wedding overseas?

Location, location, location. Some couples may already have in mind a dream wedding destination, while others it may just come down to budget and what they can afford.

In an article conducted by SNTravel, the company analysed 22 different countries overseas and what the average cost was to get married there. France came out as the most expensive, with Mauritius being the cheapest. Once you’ve decided where your overseas wedding will take place the next job is to decide how you will organise your big day. Are you the type of person who is happy to go down the DIY route or would you rather put it in the hands of a wedding travel company or an overseas wedding planner?

Companies will often formulate a wedding package for you and have many suppliers and contacts already in place at the chosen wedding destination, which can generally take a lot of stress out of the planning. These companies will also know the legal requirements for each overseas wedding destination.

Example companies that can assist you with planning your overseas wedding are:

Perfect Weddings Abroad

The wedding travel company

The Bridal Consultants

Beach weddings

You will also have option to find wedding planners based overseas in specific locations that will be able to assist with arranging the most perfect and idyllic wedding abroad. One of our current clients is getting married in Ibiza and is using Ibiza White Events, who are providing their local expertise for the couple’s white isle wedding.

Either way there are a lot of experts out there who will be able to put you in touch with an array of suppliers and contacts to make your big day extra special and within your overseas wedding budget.

Currency tips and paying for your wedding

Budgeting for a wedding in the UK is quite straight forward, you pay the price that is there but for an overseas wedding there is the small factor of currency exchange to contend with. This can be quite tricky when it comes to keeping inside a budget with exchange rates fluctuating daily. Most people will arrange payment via their bank, without realising that they are falling subject to hidden fees and inferior currency exchange rates.

Companies such as Currency Online Group can assist you when it comes to paying for your big day overseas and make your wedding budget go that much further…. giving you the possibility of spending more on the finer details, or simply just seeing that saving in your bank or perhaps you can put it towards that dream honeymoon. Typically, Currency Online Group can save individuals and companies up to 5% when transferring funds overseas, by charging no fees and offering bank beating exchange rates.

The process could not be simpler. You just need to set up a Currency Online Group International Payment Account and once approved you are ready to start paying your suppliers overseas! You have access to the online platform 24/7 so you don’t need to wait to be able to make any overseas transfers, you are in complete control of your currency exchange, with live rates to hand. We are fully FCA authorised, again giving you extra security and piece of mind when it comes to making your international payments.

For larger payments clients have the option to use a forward contract which means that the currency exchange rate is fixed in advance. This can help when it comes to budgeting for a wedding abroad, especially if there are a lot of people attending. It is not unusual for the bride and groom to book accommodation on behalf of the guests for several days at a time, which can amount to a large payment required in one go. Using forward contracts with Currency Online Group will allow your guests to know the exact cost of their stay well in advance of attendance. To use a forward contract a deposit of 5% will be required, with the remaining funds due on the day of payment.

The members of our International Payment team are on hand to help in anyway we can and give you piece of mind when it comes to all things currency exchange and understanding how the process works. They can also provide advice on elements such as forward contracts and whether they will be of benefit to you and your overseas wedding payment plan.

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15th September 2021