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Switzerland is a beautiful country with activities for laid-back travelers and thrill-seeking adventurers alike. You can stroll through the streets of Zurich, Basel and Geneva. Checking out the museums and cafes and taking in the beautiful architecture. For the people who want to raise their heart rate a bit more, there are plenty of great ski and snowboard spots further up in the mountains. For whatever you want to do Currency Online Group has got you covered.

Best Rates

The Swiss currency is called the Franc and can be abbreviated to CHF. The notes range from 10 to 1,000. Make sure any notes you receive are the 2016 series as any older notes will be outmoded soon. A train ticket from Zurich to Geneva will cost 88 CHF or £70.

International Payments

You can buy currency online through our home delivery service and have your currency delivered by post. Or you can collect using our branch collection service in London. Once you return, be sure to use our Buy Back services online, in which we offer the best rates too. You can either sell the currency back to us using our Buy Back By Post service; or visit one of our branches for the Buy Back By Branch option. For paying suppliers, moving house, or even funding business ventures. Try our international payment service for bank-beating overseas transfers.

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