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Culture in Copenhagen

Denmark, and in particular Copenhagen is the perfect place for a short break, be it for business or pleasure. Hours can be spent walking through the historical winding roads, which overlap waterways and are lined with colourful houses and shops. The museums and nightlife offer opposing ends to the Danish cultural spectrum. A little something for everyone. 

Holiday Money

The Danish Krone or DKK notes include 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1,000. A 50 DKK note is worth £5.90 and a 1,000 note worth £118. For completely up to date rates you can use the calculator on the homepage of our website. Rent and house prices in Copenhagen in around 30% cheaper than London so utilising our international payment service you can save even more money living is one of Europe’s best cities.

Best Rates

With the best rates for the Danish Kroner on offer at Currency Online Group, you can buy currency online through our home delivery service and have your currency delivered by post. Or you can collect using our branch collection service in London. Once you return, be sure to use our Buy Back services online, in which we offer the best rates too. You can either sell currency back to us using our Buy Back By Post service; or visit one of our branches for the Buy Back By Branch option. For all your business needs, try our international payment service for bank-beating overseas transfers.

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