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Eastern Europe Getaway

One of the most underrated and up and coming countries in Europe, Bulgaria and its capital Sofia should be on every travellers list and Currency Online Group has got you covered, either collect from one of our London branches or have it delivered next day to the comfort of your own home. 

Holiday Money

The local currency in Bulgaria is the Lev or BGN as the acronym, the notes of the Lev are 5, 10, 20, 50, 100. The price of a beer in Sofia is 3 Lev or £1.35 using Currency Online Group’s postal delivery service. Sofia is 50% cheaper than London so would be a great option for a lifestyle change with rent being 80% cheaper than London. The average monthly cost of a 1 bedroom apartment in Sofia is 720 Lev or £318 using our International payment service.

Best Rates

Always being amongst the best cash rates available on the market for a weekend trip. Or if you plan to stay longer, try our international payment service for bank-beating overseas transfers. Once you get back to the UK return any leftover currency to COG using our buy back by post service to get the most value for your currency.

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