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Basian Paradise

While it is famous for its perfect beaches, Barbados has it all with a UNESCO World Heritage capital and a buzzing nightlife and Currency Online Group has got you covered, either collect from one of our London branches or have it delivered next day to the comfort of your own home. Always being amongst the best cash rates available on the market for a short break. 

Best Rates

The Barbados dollar abbreviation is BBD and the notes go from 2 dollar notes to 100 dollar notes, The cost of a coffee is 7.50 BSD and when using Currency Online Group’s bank beating rates, that converts to around £2.80. Rent is cheaper on average in the UK than Barbados so using Currency Online Group’s international payment service would save you time, money and stress. If you don’t want to carry around cash then use our pre-paid card service, just load up the card with the currency of choice and use like a regular debit card.

International Payments

If you are relocating or for any business needs, try our international payment service for bank-beating overseas transfers. When you return, send any leftover currency to COG using our buy back by post service to get the most for your currency.

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