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Currency Online Group are delighted to offer our customers wealth management products and services in partnership with Fowler Drew IFA

Since its inception in 2016 the Currency Online Group has been meeting the needs of smart clients who have recognised the failings and shortcomings of ‘traditional’ exchange providers.

The Currency Online Group recognise they have a diverse range of clients however there are some traits which are shared. Smart clients seek value and desire integrity and transparency.

It is right that clients make these demands of their currency provider however we also encourage them to place the same demands on other firms which have a direct impact on their wealth and financial wellbeing.

To ensure that their wider financial needs are being looked after, we are delighted to introduce our valued Currency Online Group clients to Fowler Drew Limited, a Company offering integrated financial planning and bespoke wealth management services. A Company that we feel shares our core values.

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Who are Fowler Drew?

Established in 2004 Fowler Drew Limited use established proprietary financial modelling techniques to deliver a bespoke financial management service.

Rather than charge a purely asset based fee, which generally offers very poor value for wealthier clients, advice fees are set to recognise the high proportion of costs which are independent of client wealth levels.

As a result of a fair and transparent charging structure, institutional grade investment techniques and high levels of client service Fowler Drew Limited manage in excess of £300m and are proud to boast 99% client retention.

Wealth management services
Discretionary Fund Management
Fowler Drew’s discretionary investment management service is designed to deliver specific outcomes as agreed with the client during the plan development phase. We refer to this general approach as ‘outcomes-driven investing’. Its equivalent in institutional investment is Liability-Driven Investing. We call our fully-customised portfolio solution a ‘Defined Outcome Portfolio’. We project likely investment outcomes by using our own proprietary investment modelling . The investment solution combines low cost major equity market tracker funds with risk-free assets such as cash and index linked gilts. Combining low cost trackers with risk-free assets offers and exceptional low cost investment solution which recognises the clear evidence that the vast majority of actively managed funds offer no extra performance gains.
Outcomes driven investment lends itself perfectly to retirement spending goals. The investment solution is tailored to deliver specific targeted annual spending amounts for each year of retirement. Our proprietary investment modelling techniques are combined with Chartered level financial planning advice so that the retirement solution is tax efficient and takes maximum advantage of the various tax reliefs and allowances on offer. We take a holistic approach and recognise that pensions themselves are potentially only part of the solution and indeed, for high earners, now offer very limited tax planning opportunities.
With Tax legislation constantly changing it can be difficult to keep up to date with the allowances available to you and your business and conversely the consequences of taxation on the sale or disposal of assets. Our investment solutions are structured to maximise after tax outcomes. We do this by making full use of tax allowances and reliefs. Where more complex tax planning is required (perhaps because there are multi jurisdiction issues to consider) we can work alongside specialist tax advisers.
Making a will and keeping it up to date is a fundamental part of financial Planning yet is all too often overlooked or put on the ‘to do’ list. Fowler Drew work with a number of solicitors and specialist will writers to ensure that wealth ends up in the hands of the right people at the right time.
Mainstream insurers and comparison websites simply do not cater for the insurance needs of high net worth individuals. Fowler Drew can introduce specialist insurers that cater for the needs of wealthier clients who need both the convenience of a high level bespoke service and the ability to adequately their most valued possessions. Where multiple properties, vehicles and high value items are involved they will produce one annual schedule and renewal for all worldwide properties and assets thus reducing the administration and premiums involved.
Whether you require basic tax advice on one subject such as the sale of a rented property or full accountancy services such as tax returns Fowler Drew can help. We are associated with a number of accountancy practices that will cater for all of your needs. We also have a number of specialist law firms that can assist with any legal matters that you may have.
Very few accountants are tax specialists. With that in mind Fowler Drew work alongside tax specialists that can offer advice on all areas of taxation, be it personal or business taxation. Structuring your affairs in a tax efficient way is key to ensuring good financial outcomes, but navigating tax complex legislation is not easy and there are plenty of traps for the unwary. When the tax position in more than one jurisdiction needs to be considered, the need for high quality advice is clear.
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